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all in :)


although some might just see this as a creepy flash about some madman i sensed the deepness in it. Ever watched that old Twilight zone episode (was a b&w show in the 60's) with that old normal couple starting to argue about a really silly and pointless thing that ended with the man pushing the woman out the window sending her to her death. Enough about that. With age comes dementia, for some it might actually evolve into this, hallucinations that mess up your view of reality, even extreme cases like this. I felt very sorry for the old lady, which acts just like my old mother since my stepdad was halfway to madness already, obsessed by his garage, spending days and days there until the day he tried to get runover by his own car and seeked help

Ei voi olla paljon selvimpää

oli ehkä vähän liian paljon enemmän 'straightforward' kun sun muut flashit, mut ei se paljon mittään, näköään se vaa pitää olla näin kun kaikki ameriikkalaiset ovat nii typerii että ne ei muuten ymmärtäis. En oo itte nii paljon mainstream fani.

Kyl näin on muuten, joulupukki hukkusi tontun kolassa

Piirrätkö muuten? Ois kiva nähdä joku 'custom art' sult tai jotai.

Tietysti 10/10 koska Suomi on hyvän laatun maa.


Catoblepas responds:

tuolta profiilista pääsee camp north accoon ku klikkaa 'website'

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it kinda sucked

no sound, pretty stupid idea, complicated which made it boring

simple yet awesome

yep. It's definately worth my 10

it's a small game which makes it fast to load, definately a +
it's an actual puzzle! not some creepy puzzle game with weird rules, just put the pieces together to see the picture. Another +
No music, an additional +. Since the music would get loopy and annoying for a game like this. And no time limit, which makes it great, you can put it in the background for a while while you do something else.
the so called "game engine" was great and flawless, no bugs and the pieces stuck together like glue. Absolutely one of the best puzzles I've ever tried.

Chances of improvement: make a big version with numerous different puzzles and difficulties with the same spirit as this game. Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

hmm, I kinda liked it

Well the music got a bit loopy after a while but this game was altight, was quite a challenge too^-^

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Oh yea^^

n.n Good boy, I <3 this song, not too original, but it keeps a steady beat that sounds good. I like the classical touch on it, but i'm also glad it hasn't been mixed up with the gothic old style. Ooh and when I boosted up the volume to max the vibes ran along with my heartbeats, mm... Gotta say yer good. I wanna hear more from you in the future.

Cheers and greetings from Finland.

Beegeezee responds:

Yeah...The title is not very fitting but in a group of classical songs, I'll bet the title stands out enough to persuade someone to stop and listen. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. There will be many that follow. I can only upload two a day and I have just begun. :)


Good, but it wasn't exactly heavy... I'd have put this one in the General rock cathegory.

Goooooooooo Chaarlie!!

This one made me happy, it was almost like beeing in a funny psychedelic castle in a videogame!!!!!!

Cheers. I'm not so active anymore, mostly because I have a life :3

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