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2009 Submissions

Stealth is all Miscellaneous Loop

2008 Submissions

Truce Ambient Song
Basement Goth Song
Masha Miscellaneous Song

2006 Submissions

In the land of the blind Goth Song
Desert Eagle Goth Song
Banished Goth Song
C0FF33 New Wave Song
Soapy Miscellaneous Loop
Sap Miscellaneous Song
Lovely day New Wave Song
Legally insane R&B Loop
Right in the middle of nowhere New Wave Song
Valhalla Goth Song
MindBlow Goth Song
TorturedSoulsForSale Goth Song
DreamingOfEvil Goth Song
Silence Techno Loop
FatalVictory Trance Loop
BornToKillYou Trance Song